Long-lasting materials

At SHOE THE BEAR we want to create products that last from day to night, that you could wear to work and to dinner, and that could be worn season after season. Essentially, we want to create designs that are versatile enough that you can still wear in 10 years’ time. We design for real people with real lives with the highest quality in mind.


Leather has been an invaluable natural material in our footwear production, and it remains one of our core materials.


As part of our responsible journey, 90% of our suede material is LWG certified. For each collection, we strive to introduce new colours and processing techniques to our product line.


Keeping up with the latest trends, we constantly search out new and innovative materials, like this season's soft satin. A perfect blend of modern materials and high-quality components that offer thebestvaluefor the money.


Our membership in the Leather Working Group allows us to work closely with our manufacturers and to reduce our environmental impact in the leather industry. 

In order to create each new design, we source materials from our network of local Portuguese suppliers. Whenever we incorporate leather into a season, we do our best to ensure that it is responsibly sourced and produced. This is so that we know exactly where and how it is produced.

By working with the Leather Working Group, we have established better practices for responsible sourcing of materials and manufacturing processes, which has led to an innovative use of components, leathers, and textiles, as well as colour, form, and texture.


EVA is the material that we use to make ourlightweight soles. In addition to being both durable and comfortable, the EVA material that is used in the soles ensures long lasting wear. EVA soles are often used for sneakers ensuring the ultimate comfort.


Several of the shoes we design and manufacture come with soles made from recycled rubber as part of their construction. In some of our soles, up to 80% of the rubber has been recycled. Rubber soles designed with a forward-thinking approach to provide comfort and durability at a reasonable price.